Wedding films

made to measure

D.G Pictures believes in an unobtrusive style of wedding videography, one that captures the natural ambience of your special day.


Our wedding films are not staged they simply capture the precious memories and highlight the smaller details as they happen, letting you enjoy your wedding day and giving you a lasting reminder to treasure for a lifetime.


With many years experience in wedding videography we are able to take the time and help you through the options available for shooting your wedding, and provide you with a truly unique film. 

The prices

The Collection


This service presents your wedding day in a traditional Collection Style, providing coverage from guest arrivals at place of Ceremony through to First Dance. You can also add a 3-4 minute highlights video for £100.

The Extended Collection


This service builds upon The Collection by adding Bridal preparations, capturing the excitement and anticipation before the walk down the aisle. Presenting your wedding day in a traditional Collection Style, providing coverage from Bridal preparations through to First Dance. You can also add a 3-4 minute highlights video for £100.

The Cinematic Short Film


The Cinematic Short Film differs from the Collection style by presenting your wedding day as a contemporary 10-15 minute short film. Set to music, these personal and touching short films are great to share with friends and family. This service captures your day from Bridal preparations through to first dance. As well as the 10-15 minute short film, you also receive the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance edited in full.

The Cinematic Short Film Plus


This service builds upon the Cinematic Short Film by carefully weaving heartfelt and unforgettable moments of speech into the sound track of your short film. This is a truly personal service unique to your wedding day, taking real moments like your vows and partner's speech and working them into a film that tells the story of your special day.


A little more information

What's the difference between a Collection and a Cinematic Short Film?

Collections cover each element of the wedding day as a separate chapter e.g., bridal preparations, followed by arrivals, followed by the ceremony then drinks reception etc., Parts including the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance are edited in full and chapters such as the Bridal preparations and Drinks reception are set to music. This differs from the Cinematic Short Film package, which edits the day into a contemporary style 10-15 minute film set to music, the 'plus' version also includes the vows and parts of the speeches worked into the soundtrack. With the Cinematic package, you also receive the ceremony, speeches and first dance in full.

Can we include our favourite music?

For all my wedding films I license instrumental production music. This creates the soundtrack in Cinematic packages and provides background music in chapters like Bridal preparations and drinks reception in the Collection services. I am unable to edit in copyright protected music due to legal restrictions.

How long will the film be?

When it comes to Collections, this varies greatly from wedding to wedding. A wedding that has a registry/civil ceremony and 3 speeches will usually be about an hour but you could also have a religious service and 10 speeches in which case the run time would be significantly longer. With the Cinematic style the full Ceremony and Speeches parts would vary but the 10-15 minute short film will always fall within that window. 

Wedding Showreel

Your wedding film on USB

DVDs are on their way out with fewer and fewer people even owning a player any more. D.G Pictures are pleased to announce that all weddings will now have the option to be delivered on a USB drive. This has many advantages over discs including:


- Being able to watch and/or store the film on compatible USB devices including laptops, Smart-TVs, tablets and desktops.

- The ability to copy the film to your own storage devices making it more secure and usable in the future even if USB becomes obsolete.

- USB drives can have far greater capacity than DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, meaning you will always receive the full resolution video files in the highest possible quality.